Well, this is my first crack at blogging. Let’s see how this goes shall we?

We are Wild Country Powersports. Our business and our team resides in and around Barrhead, Alberta (A.K.A. the center of the universe… or more correctly, near the center of Alberta lol!) and we represent three of the best in the power-sports industry; HONDA, POLARIS and YAMAHA. Through these three lines we carry ATV’s, Motorcycles, Side by Sides, Snowmobiles and Power Equipment.

Darren and myself (Baukje) started this journey in 2013. Combined, we have been in the industry for over 20 years. That’s a loooong time to be having this much fun! This latest journey that is Wild Country Powersports started because we believe in our town of Barrhead and its people. ATV’s and snowmobiles are often a way of life around the farms that surround Barrhead, the hunting grounds to the North of us and the industries that require an off road vehicle to get to their destinations. Not to mention the Wildlands, also known as Vega, where we have an enormous playground for ATV’s Side by Side’s and dirt bikes not 45 mins from town. And then there’s our local snowmobile club (Northern Lights Snowmobile Club) that has in incredible trail system that is growing each and every year. This trail actually runs around our shop which is awesome because this means you have a stop where you can get some FREE hot chocolate before you hit the trail, and who doesn’t like hot chocolate?

This all explains the blog title, Wild Barrhead. We are not just Wild Country Powersports, we are a combined group of people with similar needs and interests in this area. Wild Country Powersports is the place that makes sure you have a work hand on the farm or a working machine in the bush and on the trails!

So, keep up with us as we take you through the journey that is our industry. We will share with you industry news and influences, safety, athletes, shop talk, and our own adventures that we find often! Thanks for reading, share if you like and Welcome to Wild Barrhead.


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