Get out and Ride!

Chrome was everywhere at Wild Country Powersports on Saturday. This past Saturday saw our second time participating with Cannonball Rides, a Canada Wide  500 km one day or a 1000 km two day motorcycle ride in your respective province. We have come to truly appreciate the reason behind Cannonball Rides, “Get out and ride your bike”! Who doesn’t love an excuse to get out and ride?


Cannonball Rides lays out the route in your province depending on the checkpoints and/or dealerships who participate on the 500 and the 1000 km event(s) . The 500 km route is detailed below as an example of where this route takes you.


The ride is not a race, it’s about getting out there and having a great ride! Yes, there is a designated start and stop time, but in now way is the ride rushed. Check out the Cannonball Rides website for all the real nitty gritty details.

We had a great time on Saturday, as we did in the spring event, but did things a little differently this time by hosting a BBQ and Open House. The part of being part of this event is meeting the people, seeing their bikes and hearing their stories. Add food to that mix and you’ve got one awesome atmosphere. Everyone has an adventure to talk about, and we like to hear about them!

The stories these bikes could tell, not only through their riders, but through the mile by mile play by play would be something else! These riders are hardcore and their bikes showed it. There were all makes, models and years and these bikes aren’t just there for show, these bikes have been ridden and that was proven by the dirt and bugs splattered over what used to be shiny and chrome.


Once you have completed the ride, stopped at all the checkpoints, hand in the proof and you get a patch to add to your vest. How cool is that?! Bragging rights and a new found obsession to get one every year (or twice a year) added to the collection. As their slogan says… Do you have what it takes?


If you’re a biker, you have got to check out this event. It is totally FREE and you get cool stuff! The next Cannonball Rides event will be in JUNE 2017 and according to their website, there will be a new and longer ride category added! Keep in touch on their website and check our social media feeds as we bring you the event details from Wild Country Powersports.


So… Get out and ride! The season is coming to a close, FAST. Get all the miles you can before the snow flies (for those fair weather riders like us anyway).


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