The HONDA Advantage

Sure, there’s lots of Power Equipment manufacturers out there. With winter coming, let us help you understand why the HONDA snowblowers may be the answer to the mounds of snow solution.

What sets HONDA apart from the rest? Well, it all started in 1981…


Honda has been making state-of-the-art snowblowers since 1981. During this time their engineers have continued to create a full range of innovative features that make snow clearing smoother, cleaner and easier. These advanced technologies are what make Honda snowblowers renowned worldwide.

These snowblowers start with a base model, the HS720C (pictured below). This Single stage, compact, lightweight and easy to handle snowblower which is ideal for town/city homes, smaller driveways and walkways.

The easy to use single-stage snowblower has a semi-self propelled auger drive and clears a 20 in/51 cm width, 12 in/30.5 cm high. This unit is powered by a Honda premium residential engine GC190, 4-stroke, overhead cam (OHC). Plus, the SnowDirector chute control allows for easy control of distance and direction. It is perfect for every home and the best part, this unit is very affordable at $749!


Then, there’s the big guns! The Dual Stage, more powerful heavy duty models. Perfect for larger areas and heavy snow conditions.

Take the HSS928ACT (pictured below). This Dual-stage, track drive has a 71 cm (28 in.) clearing width unit is best suited for larger driveways or other areas, heavy snow conditions or commercial applications. Powered by the latest Honda GX270T2 commercial grade OHV (overhead valve) engine, this baby can clear up to 52 metric tons (up to 57 tons) of snow per hour and throw it up to 16 meters (52.5 ft.)! With that power, comes a steeper price tag at $3,799, but that price tag is worth it if you’ve got mountains of snow to move and move it FAST!


So, why buy a Honda snowblower?

Powered by reliable Honda 4-stroke engines that don’t mix oil and gas, our dual-stage and single-stage snowblowers are exceptionally quiet, efficient and easy to use. They start reliably in cold weather and provide proven power for clearing even the heaviest snow.

We will do anything to make snow removal easier, and dare we say, have a little FUN while doing this dreaded chore. This winter, have a reliable, strong brand like HONDA giving you a helping hand. Trust the Honda Advantage.


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