Buying a Used Unit

Buying a used ATV, SxS, Motorcycle or snowmobile can be a daunting task. Right now there are plenty of used units to choose from!

How do you choose? Is the asking price what the unit is actually worth? How are the brakes? How is the engine? Have all the recalls been performed? Is there warranty remaining? How good is the charging system? These are all items that we check for you whether buying from us or a private sale. Bring it in and we can help you decide. And if you’re looking to sell the machine, wouldn’t it be nice to show the potential buyer what the machine is actually worth.

We get a lot of calls with these questions and we are more than happy to help. This is exactly what sparked an idea, we created an in-house inspection report.


Depending on what side of the sale you’re on, take the guessing out of buying and enhance the chances of selling. Stand out from the rest of the ads with the Wild Country Powersports Inspection Report. This report will let you know what the vehicle will need, brakes, tracks, sliders, tires, shafts you name it, we will check it all over. This will ensure YOU get the best price no matter if you’re the buyer or the seller!

The cost? Very little. $49 to get this report that may save you as the buyer or make you extra as the seller. A small investment for peace of mind. We just want to help in navigating the overpopulated used market and make sure you are happy with the purchase or sale.


Our technicians are FACTORY trained and we have tickets in the house! You can feel confident that they know your machine. No, we are not just any dealership. We are a ‘mom and pop’ shop, a true country dealership specializing in the top two brands out there, Honda and Yamaha. We have a small crew and we love what we do.

The inspection report isn’t a new addition to our full-service line up. We do these reports on all units that come in for service. This is new to the menu by offering it stand alone, meaning no obligation to any other service. Let us help you through the buying and selling process. We are here to help you.



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