Christmas Time

It’s that time of year! CHRISTMAS TIME!!

Around here, we LOVE Christmas. We get to help in the purchase of the PERFECT gift for that special someone. There’s nothing more satisfying than to see the smiles on peoples faces. After all, those smiles is what it’s all about!

We’ve put bows on kids snowmobiles, dirt bikes, street bikes, generators, snowblowers and ATV’s! But that’s not all we do…


You don’t have to be a rider to feel welcome here. EVERYONE is welcome. We have winter clothing that suits all, not just for snowmobiling! There’s clothing, hats,stickers and toys just to name a few more things. Need stocking stuffers? Well, you’re in luck! How about a first aid kit, a balaclava, a toque perhaps? Maybe a FOX hat or hand and foot warmers… trust me when I say, we’ve got it all!


The lists get lengthy, and dare I say, a bit chaotic? At Wild Country Powersports, we are here to help you. Christmas should be a fun time, not stressful. There’s so much to see here and we have so much to offer, most of it gets looked over. Our showroom can be overwhelming, we understand and will guide you through the store to help you look beyond the machines and pick out that PERFECT gift.

Don’t have time to stop in? Check out our Facebook page! Message us with your requests, we get back to you as soon as we can!

Make Christmas shopping fun at Wild Country Powersports. Make us one of your Christmas destinations!!!




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