Time to Gear Up!

The coldness has arrived and it’s time to gear up! Are you scrambling trying to find all your winter gear? The toques, balaclava’s, boots, scarves… wait a minute, no matching set of gloves? You know you put them away together, what the heck happened to the other one?


The never ending search for that one matching glove. Or the mystery behind the two right hand gloves with no left hand partner, how the heck does that happen? And where oh where did the pile of balaclavas go?!?! You all know what I mean!


The bags of gear that have piled up through the years is astounding in our household! Our gear room (A.K.A. mud room) is beyond maximum capacity! Part of the pile up is the obsession with trying new gear of course. This is important for us because we need to know the product we sell, and there’s no better way than trying it! Right? At least, that’s the excuse I use every-time I buy new gear. Helmet bags are no longer used for helmets, they become “winter stuff” bags and every fall (or minutes before we are to head out on a sledding trip) they get ripped apart and tossed everywhere as we go though them trying to find everything we need.

At Wild Country Powersports we’ve got the best of the best gear with Choko, Icerock and Motorfist… AND right now because we are clearing out Polaris product we have 2016 POLARIS gear at 50%off and 2017 POLARIS gear at 25% off!  We also boast the best goggles for sledding and skiing/boarding available with ZEAL, SPY and FOX. Need a new helmet? Our brand include ZOX, FOX, Fulmer and HJC to name a few. It seems, at times, our showroom is not big enough for all the gear we have.



So, a change of seasons is past due and the task of filtering the gear has begun. If you find yourself needing of a new pair of gloves because the matching partner has not surfaced, you know where to go!!!

What does your gear room look like? And what’s your top choice in gear? Send us a shout out, let us know what you wear for what sport.


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