Valentine’s Day

We are focusing on the KIDS this Valentine’s Day at Wild Country Powersports.

Our industry is growing into a more family oriented place. Camping, learning to ride, getting muddy, finding snow… And we all know that the kids love this stuff! That is why this Valentine’s Day will be focused on them.

There is more need to unplug and make memories by getting out there. Yes, we all love our laptops, tablets and phones. We do too, without them , we wouldn’t be reaching out to you right now. Being able to reach out and share is what Social Media is all about. But those photo’s have got to come from somewhere… and that means getting out there and making them happen!

With Valentine’s Day comes sales… pressure… gift buying (again)… stress much?

Well, let us lighten the load with our sale, yup I said the word sale. But going with our Valentin’s Day focus, this one’s for the KIDS. Stop in the shop between now and closing time on Feb 14.

Get your kids geared up so you can go outside and make memories!




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